Assisting The Board of Directors

Preserve assets, Maintain property values, Establish continuity, and Provide assistance with operational and financial matters.


The board sets policy and establishes a direction for the association, and the manager sees that the policies are implemented.

Managing Human Resources

Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, payroll, reviews, and hiring.

Coordinating & Supervising Maintenance Activities

Landscaping, repairs, grounds clean-up, waste removal, curb appeal.

Alerting the board when legal assistance may be needed.

We will not provide legal advise.  It is our best practice to inform you when we believe it is needed.

Advising the Board of Regulatory Issues & Compliance Requirements

Fair housing procedures, fair debt collection practices, FCC antenna regulations.

Coordinating Board & Member Communication

Preparing a newsletter, posting and mailing notice of meetings, arranging social interactions.

Managing Office Operations

Accounts payable and receivable, bookkeeping, filing.

Managing Association Finances

Budgeting, collecting assessments, analyzing reserves, pursuing delinquencies.

Working with Accountants &Auditors

To maintain the association’s financial viability.

Working with insurance companies

To secure necessary policies, file or settle claims.

Working with State & Regulatory Agencies

As an advocate for the association.

Carrying Out Delegated Officer Duties

Taking meeting minutes.

Securing Vendor Proposals

Screening contractors.

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